How to storage vanilla pod/beans

Many people think Vanilla pod/beans should storage in Refrigerator or need to be freeze, is it?

and many people dont know how to deal with it after open if they dont put into Refreigerator.


Today Rita share with you about these doubts:

1) Vanilla beans are not allowed storage in the fridge:

The aroma of the vanilla beans is because the vanillin inside continues to ferment, 

in order to maintain the fragrance, the higher the temperature, the better it ferments, the longer the fragrance, 

so it is not afraid of heat.

But it is afraid of cold, once it is cold, vanillin will not ferment, it is easy to lose its fragrance, 

and if the package is condensed into water, the whole pod will rot, and then it will give off a sour smell.

So remember not to put in the refrigerator, not to freeze, just be stored at room temperature.

And the weather changes, the surface of the oil is easy to form white points, it is called vanilla, is flocculent crystals, 

many customers think it is an enzyme, it is not an enzyme. 

The better the pod, the easier it is to make vanilla tincture.


2) How to storage after open the package?

After Open the bag,

If you can vacuum it, vacuum it again,

If you do not have a vacuum machine, seal the mouth of the bag

You can also buy granulated sugar (remember it's not white sugar) 

and store the vanilla pods in granulated sugar, 

only this way the vanilla pods will dry out and then soak them in milk as you use them.


3)However, I also have advise from other supplier that I should storage in Refrigerator or Freeze it?

If any supplier tells you that vanilla pods need to be refrigerated, Please pay attention!

It's possible that this pod is either low in vanillin or has been extracted, 

it doesn't have vanillin maintenance, and over time it gets sour and stinky.

So it has to keep the surface fresh,

So under normal circumstances, it is not recommended to freeze.


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